Club Facility


We offer excellent Doorman services to protect commercial, industrial, residential, governmental and institutional assets. They are capable of handling the entire emergency situation in highly efficient manner also company Provide training to Keep them abreast on the latest security scenario. Office, Hospital, Club, Flats, Events, Mall, School, Shop & hotel is a working area where our doorman maintains standard & company dress code

Scope of Work.
  • Security of Company Assets.
  • Maintain register of Visitor
  • Provide guidance for path in respected way.
  • Maintain company or organization locking system
  • CCTV reporting maintains.
  • Maintain standard as per organization & be alert in working area.
Pest Control

This involves spraying the entire premises and surrounding areas with special reference to bathroom, kitchen, Pantries, Drainage, Sewers, Toilets and other vulnerable areas. This service will cover pests like cockroach, bedbugs, files, silverfish and certain extent files and Mosquitoes. 4 visit per month (weekly Visit).


Rodents owe a majority of their survival success to their ability to adapt to different habitats. They are opportunistic food scavengers and will consume most types of food. If a certain food source runs out, they are likely to adapt to a new food source. Attempting to control a rat or mouse infestation can be dangerous. The most effective rodent control requires an integrated approach. Rodenticide alone is often not enough. Additionally, rodent control requires rodent proofing, harborage reduction, trapping and increased attention to sanitation. For the most comprehensive solution, call a pest management professional.

Mosquito foggers

any of us are unfortunately well acquainted with mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are known to carry some of the world’s most dangerous infectious diseases – including Malaria, Ross River Virus, West Nile River Virus, Dengue Fever, and the Zika virus – which they transmit to us humans as they feed upon our blood.

Forms of mosquito control

mosquito foggers, Residual chemicals, Non-residual chemicals

Horticulture Facilities
Scope of Work Agenda.
  • Season wise care for tree and plants for better result.
  • Trained person to checks soil and arrange compost as per plant requirement.
  • As per space and beauty requirement we grow and maintain plants & Trees.
  • Manage specific horticulture programs for educational purposes.
  • Provide training to staff for professional work
  • One of our staff always connected with senior person for reporting in every site.
  • We have trained person for better work in less time.
  • Good indoor plants information for interior beauty.
  • Nature & eco-friendly environment and recycling structure
  • We use advance machine for plants maintenance. Prepare soil, transplant trees and plants, mulching, weeding, watering and irrigation

Reliant has a professional cleaning division and provide service in all over India. “We are your Key to facility need”. our philosophy to create hygienic and Eco friendly work living environment. We are known as for daunting venture and give specific attention to every client.

Reliant believes that our premises should to be brilliantly and beautifully clean all the time. We ensure this by covering the entire spectrum of cleaning requirements from Daily Maintenance to Visible Cleaning, Periodic Cleaning and Night Cleaning. Reliant provides customized cleaning solutions across various retail formats such as Corporate Office, Colleges, industries, hospital, shopping malls and super markets, department stores, boutique stores etc. We also provide clubs facility for luxury apartment and we can also provide some specific service

Define Housekeeping?


Scope of work

Reliant develop professional cleaning service for all type of industries and commercial complexes.

We provide these services

  • Floor stripping and waxing
  • Window washing
  • Chair Shampooing and sofa cleaning
  • Door and window cleaning
  • Roof and walls cleaning
  • Cobwebs removing
  • Walls painting & lights cleaning
  • Carpets & chairs shampooing Cleaning
  • Restroom Sanitization
  • Wet and dry mopping
  • Mini blind and Curtain cleaning
  • Special request cleaning
  • Removal of trash Safely
  • facade cleaning
  • Living and bedroom service
  • Flat areas damp cloth duster
  • Stairs Vacuumed and Scrubbing
  • All readily accessible floors vacuumed
  • Polishing of wooden floors
  • Dusting of picture frames
  • Dusting of Window sills and ledges.

And much More..